About Us

WELCOS (Water, Environment Laboratories & Consultancy Services) is business development and service providing entity in environmental sector. The organization is providing commercial & industrial analytical testing services like well water, drinking water, industrial & municipal waste water, ambient air quality (noise, ambient gases, particulate matter) , industrial gaseous emissions (flue gases, particulate matter, smoke etc.) and vehicular emission monitoring. We are also helping to get  Environmental approvals, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Analytical monitoring, air emission control devices, legal services, wastewater treatment systems, planning & design of water supply & sewerage system networks for new or existing setups as well. The company also deals in import and manufacturing of different industrial water & waste water treatment plants.

The laboratory is furnished with state of the art equipments and equally qualified and trained human resources. The analytical equipments at WELCOS are fully compatible with EPA rules and regulations for environmental monitoring.

WELCOS has achieved Quality and Management ISO Certifications (ISO-9001:2015, OHSAS 14001:2015) to sustain the quality of services and customer satisfaction. EPA Punjab has approved WELCOS as Environmental Service Provider organization. We are working in business collaboration with various industrial partners. We are providing best services at economical expenses to reduce your cost.

Quality Policy

WELCOS is a business development, improvement solution provider to the industries, local and international organizations working for water quality and safety. We are committed to follow our core values and implement, monitor our strategies, objectives, system and structure within the legal framework. This will be achieved through effective communication and by maintaining business effectiveness, efficiency, confidentiality and sustainability.

  • Meet and exceed our clients’ expectations
  • Provide and ensure a safe working environment
  • Ensure that our services are performed
  • Continually improve the quality of our services
  • The management is committed

Our Mission

WELCOS intend to expand our business operation by consistently meeting customer expectations & satisfaction achieved by providing the best possible laboratory & onsite services in a timely manner with emphasis on quality, cost effective results, safety and a regard for the sustainable environment through the effective application of our processes for continual improvement.

Our Values

Corporate social responsibility, responsible governance and equal opportunity, these values are further reinforced through sustainable ethics and work force integrity throughout all business processes. Co-operation and collaboration are expected norms within the organization’s management, with recognition, provided for all through regular appraisals. We encourage and embrace any values which enforce the behavior that employee cherish.